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Company’s Integration Brings Secure File Transfer to MobileIron App Ecosystem


Chelmsford, MA – Aug. 14, 2013 – Biscom, a leader in secure document delivery, today announced that it is now an integral part of the MobileIron AppConnect ecosystem. The Biscom integration with MobileIron AppConnect ensures employees can securely exchange files from their mobile devices while IT has the policy controls it needs to secure and manage corporate data.


MobileIron, the leader in security and management for mobile apps, documents and devices, provides its AppConnect technology to third-party mobile app developers. With MobileIron AppConnect apps, companies can give their employees the best third-party application experiences with apps that have been enabled with auto-configuration, data containerization and secure tunneling to protect corporate data.


Biscom Secure File Transfer (SFT) provides an intuitive, self-service environment to create and securely deliver confidential files and messages. Unlike the mobile apps of collaborative file sharing services that do not easily support transfer to non-participants, the Biscom mobile app facilitates on-demand transfer to any external party with same ease as composing and sending an e-mail. With a single click, an individual can initiate a Biscom secure transfer from the mobile device’s email, PDF annotation app or other iPad app.  Authorized recipient access is tracked and the sender receives verification of receipt.  Users can also access received Biscom deliveries from their mobile app. Biscom’s mobile app supports IOS and Android mobile devices.


Biscom’s integration with MobileIron’s AppConnect mobile device management environment further enhances Biscom’s strong security by locking down access to files stored in the Biscom app.  MobileIron allows administrators to control the Biscom app’s file access policy including app login, file movement to other apps, copy/paste permissions and file printing.


“The combination of Biscom and MobileIron offers a new level of security and control to the process of mobile device file exchange,” said Bill Ho, President of Biscom. “Organizations trust Biscom’s iPad and Android apps for its on-demand transfer of sensitive files that encrypts delivery and ensures only the intended recipients receive the files.  The integration with MobileIron will enhance the control and protection of files stored in the Biscom app.”


“Data security is paramount in  today’s business world.  Files must be protected from data breach and cyber-attack without compromising the mobile experience of users,” says Ojas Rege, VP Strategy, MobileIron. “Biscom’s integration with MobileIron AppConnect gives organizations around the world new tools to secure the exchange and storage of sensitive files on mobile devices.”


About MobileIron 

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About Biscom

Every day millions of users and thousands of enterprises rely on Biscom for secure and reliable document delivery solutions. Founded in 1986, Biscom pioneered the fax server marketplace with FAXCOM® and its award-winning fax management solutions. Since then, Biscom has developed expertise and solutions around secure file transfer, synchronization, file translation, cloud solutions, and mobile devices for the world’s largest organizations.




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