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New device from Biscom allows physicians to securely print high-quality lab reports in minutes

CHELMSFORD, MA – Today, Biscom, the leader in secure document delivery for regulated industries, announced Biscom Document Router (BDR), the first IoT device from Biscom designed to deliver confidential patient information securely and quickly, including high resolution lab diagnostics and imaging. Biscom will debut BDR at HIMSS17 and will be conducting demonstrations at Booth #374.

With BDR, physicians can now quickly receive patient lab reports and determine diagnoses faster than ever before. The Biscom Document Router is a small device that connects directly to a printer in a physician’s office. Using Biscom’s secure cloud service, testing labs are able to send lab results to the physician’s BDR and auto-print high-quality, color reports with no human intervention.

Today, lab results and requests are currently being transported by courier. With this method, the delay between test completion and results analysis can be hours, sometimes days. BDR eliminates both costs and delays with couriers, and telephony costs from fax usage. Workflows can be streamlined – for example, omitting the need for physicians to login, locate and download reports on LIMS portals.

“The clinical diagnostic lab industry is a $53 billion business, and we’re directly addressing the need to quickly and securely deliver critical reports to the physicians that need them for a fraction of the cost,” said Bill Ho, CEO of Biscom. “For patients, fast delivery and high-quality reports can improve patient satisfaction scores which can directly improve reimbursement rates.”

BDR is the latest example of Biscom’s commitment to securely delivering and protecting sensitive patient health information (PHI). BDR protects PHI and complies with HIPAA regulations by meeting the HIPAA Security Rule as confidential information travels from laboratories to physicians’ offices.

About Biscom
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