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Biscom Color Fax is an entirely digital technology that goes beyond traditional fax. The new cloud solution replaces phone lines with high-speed, encrypted, point-to-point connections to securely transmit high-resolution, color documents and images.

Unlike email, Biscom Color Fax is HIPAA compliant and enables images to be transferred directly and securely to end-users. Since the product only sends images, malware infections that are commonly transmitted through email, cannot be transferred to recipients.

Users can also connect to the cloud through multiple devices. Biscom hosts the infrastructure required to support Biscom Color Fax in the cloud, allowing access through a computer, mobile phone, tablet or multifunctional peripheral (MFP). Color fax machines are not needed to send or receive documents.

“We live in a world where everything is color – television, computer screens, printing,” said S.K. Ho, founder of Biscom. “Color fax adoption lagged behind standard fax because color fax was slow, expensive and required specialized equipment. We are overcoming those barriers by connecting devices and software directly and securely to the cloud rather than connecting through telephony.”

Biscom is the first provider to offer such a solution. Prior to transferring color fax through the cloud, users relied on email to transfer images, which created security risks, or conventional black and white fax solutions, which produced low-resolution, unclear images.

The new technology supports many highly regulated industries, such as the healthcare industry, that requires great levels of detail to make critical decisions. According to Mike Adriani, Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Genomind, “Biscom’s color document delivery and printing solutions both for fax and remote printing makes it easy for organizations like ours to deliver high-quality lab reports directly and instantly to physicians’ offices securely and in a manner that complies with HIPAA regulations.”

Key product capabilities include:

  • Automatic local or remote printing of received color documents on MFPs
  • Apps for Microsoft Windows, Apple iPad/iPhone and Google Android tablets and phones
  • Encryption and authentication for enhanced security
  • Transmission of custom metadata with images
  • Barcode and OCR capabilities support for automated workflows
  • Built-in non-repudiation capabilities
  • Biscom Color Fax applications include built-in image viewer with mobile signing

Biscom continues to serve the enterprise market with solutions that help companies deliver and share information securely and reliably.

Free trials and product information are available by contacting Biscom at 978-250-1800.

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