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Secure file transfer with PayPal allows lawyers to deliver products to clients and simultaneously receive payment for services.
Sean Dohery, Law Technology News


Legal professionals can securely deliver documents to clients and simultaneously receive payment for their services. Biscom Inc. has a PayPal feature built in to the company’s Secure File Transfer application.

Biscom’s SFT product is an FTP replacement designed to deliver documents to clients in a secure architecture featuring encryption, auditing and transaction tracking. SFT is a self-service means to transfer files without technical support. It includes Web-based clients, Outlook add-ins, and mobile device support. Application programming interfaces allow integration with Web services and existing law firm applications.

The PayPal integration allows SFT users to place a value on an outgoing document that must be tendered by the recipient before he or she can obtain the document. Bill Ho, president at Biscom, told LTN that the PayPal option was made for attorneys to collect payment for services on delivery. Ho agreed with LTN that the legal use case would mostly include final documents, in which drafts have already been vetted by clients. Hence, clients would not be picking up and paying for a document—sight unseen.

The PayPal option allows law firms and companies, as well as their clients and customers, to easily secure a method of payment for services. SFT users can set up a pay wall in one mouse click, according to a press release dated June 10. PayPal directly integrates with the SFT software development kit, which supports application programming interfaces for Java, simple mail transport systems, Web services, .Net and scripting languages like Python and Ruby.

The PayPal integration is built into Biscom’s SFT. Customers with a business class PayPal account to receive payments need only turn the feature on for a fee of 2.9 percent per transaction or $.30 cents per delivery. Note that PayPal will also charge you 2.9 percent overhead to receive payments from clients. Despite the dual 2.9 percent charge, the PayPal option can still be a bargain because the pay wall obviates the need to send your client a bill or to collect a fee from clients after they have received services.

Ho said other use cases for the PayPal option include the health care industry and many government offices that generate documents on demand for the cost of reproduction.

At LegalTech in New York, Biscom launched a file-sharing and -synchronization feature, called Verosync, which competes with Box and Dropbox. Verosync allows employees to share data and provides the IT staff to maintain control over the data network.

Biscom is located in Chelmsford, Mass., and first served the legal community with fax servers and file conversion.