Petya, What you were told and what you should know

We know a lot more today about the latest popular cyber-attack (Petya, NotPetya), now that time has passed and many truths about Petya have come out. It is interesting to look at what we know today and how things are dramatically different from the initial reports of...

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Biscom Helps Fight Cancer

Earlier this month, Biscom participated in our local Relay for Life event to raise money for the American Cancer Society and make a global impact on cancer. The relay is a key fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Team members take turns walking a designated...

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Why Does IT Hate Dropbox?

Dropbox hit the market at a time when users were struggling with a way to share large files across devices. It was simple to use and made syncing easy. At first, people used it primarily to share photos and personal files. Once installed, it required very little...

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