3 Things I Learned from Centricity Live 2017

Judging from the crowds at Centricity Live/CHUG in Boston, the $27 billion EMR market is booming. While the programs were interesting, the crowds were large, and the vendors doing good business, there were three things that stood-out at this year’s show. The...

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Why is Fax So Secure?

A couple weeks ago the Wall Street Journal ran a tongue-in-cheek How to Send a Fax When You Don’t Have a Fax Machine article (Tech May 5, 2017). The article gave serious advice, but it left room to make some fun. Based on the 100+ comments the piece received, other...

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I just WannaCry

WannaCry is ransomware that has spread quickly through phishing emails across over 100 countries and infecting an estimated 200,000 computers worldwide. WannaCry spreads itself across corporate networks by exploiting critical vulnerabilities in unpatched Windows...

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