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Equifax Data Breach 2017

I was disappointed in Equifax's handling of what is one of the top 3 data breaches of all time after Yahoo and Sony. A few things concern me about this breach, as it should you.   First, the breach itself grew from an initial estimate of 50 million records, to...

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Reflections on ILTACon2017

While this was Biscom’s seventh year attending ILTACon, this was my first experience representing Biscom at the event, held this year in Las Vegas. As I walked the show floor, I kept an eye on how vendors are addressing the needs of the legal space. I learned much...

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Winter Has Come and So Have the Hackers

We're in a golden age of original video content published by Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and many other studios and media companies. Some are released all at once, like Netflix's House of Cards, while others use the traditional weekly release format. HBO's wildly popular...

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