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ILTA has spoken – Keep it Simple S—–!

The International Legal Technology Association show of 2018 seems to have a common theme - simplicity! ILTA is a long-running show that is in National Harbor, MD this year, and vendors like Biscom showcase the various technologies that law firms use to support their...

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Faxsploit – Recent MFP Fax Vulnerability

Biscom’s fax software is not impacted by the MFP Fax vulnerability released in a report on August 12th by CheckPoint Research (CVE-2018-5924 and CVE-2018-5925). This attack uses the color fax T.30 extension that Biscom has not implemented. The attack was an exploit of...

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FAXCOM Training is Going Virtual

We love hosting the FAXCOM training course in our Boston-area offices. It gives us the opportunity to get to know our customers and spend time helping them take full advantage of all of FAXCOM’s functionality. But we know that not everyone can spare the time out of...

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