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Imagine being told that your child’s personal information–including their name, age, and school grade–were lost on a misplaced flash drive that likely had no password or encryption.  Anyone finding this drive could plug it in and have access to the personal data of thousands of school students, including your child.  Now imagine this happening to over 21,000 kids.

That scenario is exactly what happened in Boston a few days ago when the president of a company that is contracted to print Boston middle and high school students’ ID badges picked up a flash drive containing private data on over 21,000 students at the Boston School Dept. headquarters.  That flash drive never made it back to his office, apparently being lost somewhere along the way.   Personal data on your child and thousands of other kids is now sitting on the ground, in the gutter–or more frighteningly, in the hands of an identity thief or someone with similarly sinister intentions.  Please read this Boston Globe article for more details.

With all of the worries parents have these days, the worry that some stranger has personal info about your own child would run pretty close to the top of the list.  Add to that the knowledge of what can happen when someone’s personal data is breached, regardless of their age, and it can make you sit down and hold your head in your hands. 

Disturbing stories like these highlight the need for better methods of transferring sensitive data quickly and with a high degree of security.  Biscom’s Secure File Transfer solution is the answer to these kinds of situations.  Rather than entrust your child’s personal, sensitive data to someone who carries a flash drive that can be lost or misplaced–and additionally, a drive that probably had no security measures to speak of–institutions like educational systems can work with vendors using Biscom Secure File Transfer to send information over with complete security and privacy.  That way, your child’s information isn’t in someone’s pocket where it can fall out–it’s transferred over a secure data connection only to those who are supposed to receive it. 

We are all living in an age where personal information has to be highly guarded.  This is the world that the kids of today are growing up in.  We owe it to them, and ourselves, to ensure that sensitive data is transferred reliably and with 100% security.

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