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eweekThe featured eWeek slideshow highlights Bill Ho’s file transfer trends for 2014.

Despite the huge impact in the last five years of social networks, video conferencing and texting, email is still the killer app for most enterprise communication infrastructures. Email has also served as the main load-bearer for attached documents—a de facto file transport system for most organizations, a role it was never intended to play. As a result, large file transfers sent through email often impede efficient email server performance, resulting in slow message delivery times, higher storage costs, slower backups and slower restores. If file-size limitations prevent users from sending particularly large files through email, they will find alternative methods to send their content, which could drive up cost and sacrifice security. Alternatives that allow efficient and secure delivery of content are available. In this eWEEK slide show, Bill Ho, president of secure document delivery and synchronization software maker Biscom, outlines 10 trends in his sector that he believes will drive the cultural, policy, technology and regulatory discussions surrounding secure file transfer in 2014.