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Protect your organization against a cyber disaster

With the average breach costing an organization almost $4M, it simply makes sense to put up the best defenses you can. Biscom’s Cybersecurity Consulting Services offer a range of services for small-to-medium enterprises that will help you improve your cybersecurity posture.

Cleary Insurance Improves Cybersecurity with Biscom

Understanding the importance of keeping their client information safe and secure, Cleary saw it could leverage Biscom’s services to help them adhere to security best practices. “They truly went above and beyond.”
– Bill Cleary , Founder, Cleary Insurance

Current Risk Assessment

Interview IT teams and senior management to analyze and assess your current security posture. Advise on best practices and risk management strategies.

Vulnerability Assessment

Test the current environment to determine vulnerabilities and gaps against known threats and attack vectors.

Security Policy Assessment

Compare your current security programs, policies, and processes against best-practice frameworks to identify any gaps.

Education and Training

Train employees in all facets of end-user security such as social engineering attacks, phishing, safe email usage and safe browsing.

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