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Document Exchange Breaches
How to Maintain Confidentiality and Lock Down the Threat
by Charles Magliato

Reprinted from July 2013 issue of Legal Tech Newsletter

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Exchanging documents in the legal world used to be an easy process. All lawyers or aids needed to do was attach the document to an email and send it off. Or, to deliver a large file or document, they could the files overnight. 

However, what used to be a simple process now has serious consequences if confidentiality is breached or data is leaked. Data privacy regulations with severe penalties for breach of confidential client data have upped the ante—plus, there’s the very real threat to law firms of cyber-attacks targeting individual attorneys within the firm.

This article in Legal Tech Newsletter speaks to legal firms on “How to Maintain Confidentiality and Lock Down the Threat”. It walks readers through data privacy, secure document management, secure email exchanges and security through mobile devices.

If you’re interested in being a thought leader for your industry or to secure your client information, please take a moment to read this document. It truly is the future of secure file transfer.

» Download the article (.pdf)


Biscom Legal Solutions

Law firms of all sizes are challenged with transferring volumes of files and documents of increasingly large size to external parties. Adding to this challenge is the pressure to ensure client confidentiality.

Regulations regarding the protection of intellectual property, personal data, financial transactions, and executive communications must be adopted, implemented, and integral to collaborative processes. To complicate matters further, law firms and legal departments must track information to verify and prove that breaches do not occur, and to classify the extent of exposure if they happen.

Biscom Secure File Transfer is an advanced secure file transfer solution that has been specifically designed to meet the demanding secure file exchange requirements of today’s complex legal environment.

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