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Biscom Digital Fax

Securely send and receive high-resolution B&W or color files. It’s as easy as email.

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  • Send or receive high resolution B&W or color documents, scans, and image files securely via the cloud
  • Converts MS-Office and other files to date and time-stamped color pages
  • As easy to use as email
  • No phone lines
  • Confirmation of receipt
  • Mobile

Try Biscom Digital Fax now.


To try Digital Fax free for 30 days,
contact [email protected]
or 978-250-1800


Digital Fax is free for personal use.


See how easy it is to send color files instantly with digital cloud faxing.

Sending files is easy. First, open up your usual email application. Type in the recipient’s email address as it normally appears, but substitute the @ symbol with the $ symbol and add to the end of the email address. Once the file has been delivered and opened, a confirmation email is sent to you.

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