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Enterprise Fax Solutions

The most reliable, scalable fax system trusted by hundreds of regulated industries the world over

Biscom On-Prem Fax gives you total control and peace of mind

While the traditional fax server was based on software and fax boards connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) central office or to a local PBX, today’s fax server is typically a software solution that is implemented:
• In a virtualized environment
• Fax over IP
• Supports T.38 for real-time FoIP
• Turnkey complete with server hardware and software

Fax communication is a point-to-point, real-time delivery regardless of how it is implemented. Fax is also a virus-free communication which is a significant reason it continues to dominate the information delivery for regulated industries.
• Email, web, desktop, and mobile users’ interfaces
• SDK for application programming interfaces
• OCR, barcode, and rules-based fax routing
• Can receive faxes as searchable PDFs

Why Biscom’s On-Prem Fax Solution?

Virtualized Server
• Uses Dialogic Brooktrout SR140
• Enables seamless integration with Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, and Dialogic Voice over IP networks, and media gateways

Virtualized without VoIP Network
• A VoIP does not have to be in place to deploy FoIP
• Uses an application to seamlessly merge the PSTN with an IP Voice network or application which connects using analog lines, PRI, or T1 E&M

Flexible Architecture
• A structure that provides unprecedented scalability
• A server and queues structure allow easy distribution of multiple queues. Each queue can support a group or application and can be administered independently of the server itself

Faxing is an integral part of many businesses, but implementing and managing it can be difficult. Biscom’s enterprise faxing solutions make it easy by providing powerful features and capabilities in five key areas:

  • Powerful management capabilities for better tracking and reporting.
  • Technology options that provide the most flexibility and efficiency.
  • Simple but powerful features designed to give users more capabilities and control, wherever they are.
  • Seamless integration with existing applications and workflows.
  • Ability to meet or exceed security and compliance issues.
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How Does Biscom FAXCOM Help Your Business?

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A fax solution designed to meet the most rigorous requirements

Hybrid technology gives you the best of both worlds

Increase operational efficiency with unstoppable faxing.
Deploying your enterprise fax system with both virtual servers and cloud services provides a high availability fax solution that reduces your overall footprint and increases operational efficiency.

Achieve business continuity and maximize cost savings.
Fax servers provide the lowest cost per page while cloud faxing handles peak volumes for inbound and outbound traffic. All clients, interfaces, workflows, and integrations continue to operate without interruption with the same simple UI – it’s a completely seamless experience for end users.

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Fax over IP (FoIP) Solutions

Organizations that have migrated to Voice over IP (VoIP) can implement Fax over IP solutions for further savings. Consolidating your telecom can eliminate the expense of POTS lines, simplifying and unifying your telecom infrastructure.

Biscom supports Cisco, Avaya, ShoreTel, Alcatel-Lucent, Verizon, Level 3, and others.

Faxcom Enterprise - Fax Over IP (FOIP) Diagram

Virtual Fax Servers

Virtual fax servers reduces your server footprint, reduces capital and operational costs, while providing increased flexibility and efficiency.
Software-based fax boards such as Dialogic SR-140 and TE-Systems XCAPI handle fax traffic with no hardware needed.

The Benefits of Virtualization

  • Better management and flexibility of server resources to meet varying demands
  • Reduce costs and improve reliability and fault tolerance
  • Supports VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, Citrix

Enterprise Fax Deployments Require Good Management

Enterprises require data and reports to help understand its operations and usage and optimize efficiency. Biscom’s FAXCOM Suite provides a collection of management tools and software to facilitate and automate user management, fax server and cloud administration, inbound and outbound rules and policies, and business processes and workflows.

FAXCOM Suite provides the industry’s most configurable and granular control system to maximize the value of a distributed fax solution. Suite gives an organization the benefit of a custom fax implementation for each division or group with both centralized and distributed management capabilities.

    • FAXCOM Queues enable your fax service to service multiple groups with their own configuration, policies, and workflows.
    • Mailbox Server encrypt faxes at rest, searchable fax archive, and fax broadcasting.
    • Enterprise Fax Management monitor and manage complex fax environments under a single pane of glass.

Seeing is Believing

“With FAXCOM’s automation, we have saved an enormous amount of time and money by not having to manually scan and file paper faxes and our paper consumption has dropped by 66%.” – Sandi Clark, Telephony Engineer, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

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Seamless Integration

Biscom’s solutions offer fax integration with your existing applications and workflows to help automate faxing and meet compliance requirements.

For healthcareBiscom solutions integrate with leading EHR and EMR applications to support HIPAA compliance, improve patient care and safety, and increase efficiency for staff.

For businessBiscom solutions work with leading business applications for increased productivity, more timely delivery of business-critical documents and to support compliance requirements.

Get control and flexibility, wherever you are

Access fax capabilities from multiple clients, including web browsers, desktop applications, and mobile devices:

      • Track and manage activity and status and connect to multiple servers and queues
      • Send, receive and manage faxes from any browser
      • Send and receive faxes via email
      • Fax from any mobile device
      • Add fax capabilities to any multi-function printer (MFP)
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Tracking and Reporting

Enterprises require data and reports to help understand its operations and usage. Support for alarming, job logging, and customized reports for fax activity. Report on your entire organizations fax usage and run your business analytics to optimize your operations.

Learn More About Biscom’s Advanced Features and Capabilities

Fax to Email

Fax from Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, and other email clients. >LEARN MORE

Mobile Faxing

Use your iPhone or Android phone to send and receive faxes. >LEARN MORE

Fax Automation, Workflow, and Routing

Route faxes based on policies, including caller ID, OCR, extracted metadata, and barcodes, among other triggers and events. Launch applications, deliver to printers, databases, UNC locations, or send securely through Biscom SFT.  >LEARN MORE

Virtualize your Fax Deployment

FAXCOM supports VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, XenServer, and Citrix. >LEARN MORE

Enterprise Cloud Faxing

All the power of Biscom’s FAXCOM servers but offered as a pure cloud solution. Supports all of FAXCOM’s feature set but without the need to administer, monitor, or manage servers, telephony, and network equipment. >LEARN MORE

Discover how Biscom’s Enterprise Fax Solutions can make your business more productive