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Live Q&A Session: How to Leverage Your Existing Healthcare Fax System During Covid-19

Since February, our healthcare customers have scrambled to find ways to increase capacity and add back-up systems to meet the demand for secure communication. Many customers responded immediately with fixes like forwarding MFP fax numbers to emails, increasing ports, adding servers, automating workflows, or providing a cloud backup.

Join us on Thursday, August 20, at 2PM EDT for a live Q&A session with Biscom’s panel of in-house enterprise fax experts.

We’ll address improvements to support patient care and healthcare workers that we are seeing in:

  • Scheduling
  • Billing
  • EPIC Integrations
  • EMRs and CRMs

Share Solutions to Common Fax Problems 
We’ve helped strained hospitals, labs, health and human services, rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities, providers, and biotech firms implement solutions to meet the challenges – often with fixes to their existing system. It’s time to share solutions to common problems to help stretch your existing solution.

Learn Ways to Support Remote Employees
Remote workers can be productive if they can send and receive faxes. There are secure workarounds when the physical fax machine is still at the office. Fax to email and cloud secure file transfer allow for HIPAA compliant communication – and support large files easily.

Address Your Concerns  
Our experts are ready to address the common challenges and share how we’ve solved them for customers just like you. We’d like to make sure we cover your topics, too.

Register now for our live Q&A and submit a question so we can be sure you get the right advice.

Live Q&A Session with Biscom’s Panel of Experts

DATE: Thursday, August 20, 2020


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Recorded Webinars

Webinar: Learn How Arctrieval, a Healthcare and Legal SaaS, Succeeded with a Cloud Fax Solution

As more healthcare and legal companies search for Cloud fax solutions, evaluating the options for the best solution becomes overwhelming. In this webinar, Jared Vishney, CEO of Arctrieval, and Bill Ho, CEO of Biscom, share insights, criteria, and best practices for selecting a cloud solution.

In this live discussion, Jared and Bill discuss:
· How the healthcare and legal industries have adopted Cloud fax solutions for information and document management
· Arctrieval’s early challenges in providing it’s SaaS-based solution
· Arctrieval’s criteria and evaluation process to select a technology partner
· The results of the partnership between Arctrieval and Biscom


Speakers Bio

Jared Vishney

Jared is the Founder of Arctrieval, a software organization that simplifies medical record requests and improve access to protected health information for legal professionals, healthcare workers, and patients.

Previously, Jared held marketing and product management roles at various high-technology companies and startups such as Silicon Graphics, Maxtor, and Iomega. Jared holds a dual Economics and Business degree from UCLA.

Bill Ho

Bill is the CEO of Biscom, a software company that helps organizations share information securely through secure fax, email, collaboration, and file sharing.

Previously, Bill was at Oracle and before founding a company that pioneered cloud storage and secure collaboration. Bill received his BS Computer Science from Stanford, MS Computer Science from Harvard, and his MBA from MIT Sloan. Bill also serves on the President’s Council for Lahey Hospital & Medical Center.


Webinar: Introducing the Next Generation FAXCOM Web Fax Client

Join us as Andy Emery, Director of Product Management, demonstrates the next generation of Biscom’s FAXCOM Web Fax Client. The new version was designed based on thousands of customer interactions, incorporating new features and a new design to improve the customer experience.

The webinar reviews the new features of the FAXCOM Web Fax Client, including:

  • New cover page preview
  • Templates
  • ADA/508/WCAG 2.0 compliance

For this latest update, Biscom’s design team analyzed thousands of customer interactions, combining data analysis with research and the latest in UX design to make the Web Fax Client more efficient and intuitive for users. The result is a sleeker platform that is easier and faster to use.

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Powering Fax in Centricity – Overview of CV Plus and MultiDoc Integrations

Are you taking full advantage of the fax capabilities of GE Centricity? Do you want to save time in sending multiple faxes to the same number?

See an overview and demonstration of the fax power Biscom’s CV Plus and MultiDoc native integration bring to Centricity. Kevin Fraser, Director of Technical Support and CV + and MultiDoc expert will demonstrate the key features of the two products that can help you automate your workflow and put your focus back on patient care.

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Fax over IP: How virtualizing your fax environment can reduce your costs and provide flexibility and efficiency

Virtualizing fax servers enables better management of fax server resources enabling users to do more with less. Switching to a virtual fax server solution can reduce operating costs while still maintaining high-volume fax service.

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Keep Your Student Data Secure: Learn how cloud faxing secures private information

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Your Business Needs Fax: 5 things to look for in a fax vendor

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Paper Piling Up? Move Your Faxing to the Cloud

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Best Practices Using Computer Faxing to Support Meaningful Use and HIPAA Regulations
Learn how Biscom is helping healthcare providers maximize the value of their fax solutions. From Epic and EMR integrations through HIPAA and scheduling fax is still a core part of Healthcare providers IT infrastructure. Learn how Biscom’s innovative solutions have helped leading healthcare providers optimize their businesses.

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Take Control of Your File Transfers
For companies that demand more manageability, control, and visibility into their file sync and share solution.

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Business Continuity with the Best of Both Worlds: Biscom Hybrid Fax

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