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The most secure, reliable, state-of-the-art

faxing solutions – anywhere.

If you have email, you can fax with our cloud fax solutions.

Fax technology continues to be a core component for many businesses, and that is why Biscom has developed a complete suite of fax solutions. From enterprise cloud-fax, to fax servers to personal efax, Biscom’s fax services meet the demands of today’s businesses.

Companies have different needs, so we offer a range of solutions


Send and receive faxes within Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, and other systems.


For small to medium size businesses that require reliable robust capabilities.


Includes all the integration, workflow and reporting that larger companies need.

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How Does Biscom FAXCOM Help Your Business?

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Why Is Our Approach to Faxing Better?

In enterprises, fax is woven into many different applications, processes, and workflows.


  • Seamless server and cloud integration (hybrid) for business continuity and peak load
  • Centralized enterprise management and visibility of independently configurable deployments across the enterprise
  • Tight integration with enterprise systems and applications including Active Directory, Exchange, Outlook, and SharePoint
  • Policy-based automation tools for integration with workflows
  • Scalability to support millions of pages per day
  • Non-stop faxing, even when upgrading servers
  • Encryption of faxes at rest and in transit
Faxing Solutions - Why Our Approach to Faxing is Better

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