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Integration improves simplicity and security to document sharing

Biscom, the most trusted name in secure document delivery, and Adaptive Solutions Inc., a premier provider of support and consulting services for law firms and Fortune 500 corporate legal departments, today announced an enhancement to its Biscom Secure File Transfer Connector for WorkSite. The Connector, co-developed by Biscom and Adaptive Solutions in 2010 and deployed in over 30 law firms, enables users to quickly and securely transfer iManage documents to external parties using Biscom’s web interface for creating secure deliveries. In addition documents received through Biscom from external parties can be seamlessly imported into iManage. The enhancement now allows users to transfer documents while working in the FileSite or DeskSite environment by selecting the documents to be transferred and right-clicking to launch the transfer via Biscom SFT.

“Since 2010 our alliance with Biscom has allowed our mutual legal clients to secure the transfer of confidential client work product stored in iManage Worksite libraries,” said Chuck Davis, President of Adaptive Solutions. “This new enhancement will allow users to initiate a secure transfer without leaving the FileSite or DeskSite environment, resulting in increased adoption of secure document exchange best practices.”

“Today law firms are under increasing pressure to demonstrate to their clients that confidential information is being transferred securely,” said Charles Magliato, Vice President of Channel. “This new enhancement will make it even easier for attorneys and staff to initiate secure delivery of iManage documents through Biscom.”

Deployed in over 100 law firms, Biscom Secure File Transfer solves the security and reliability concerns of email, FTP, and consumer file sharing services. Easy to use, Biscom provides a secure messaging system that can be used by attorneys and staff without IT support or intervention. Users can use a web interface, mobile app, or Microsoft Outlook add-in to quickly send files. An email notification is delivered to the recipient who must provide the proper credentials in order to access files, and a notification is returned to the sender. All file transfer activities are tracked in permanent transaction logs for auditing and regulatory compliance.

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