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Orange County (FL) public officials have been criticized recently for using a Dropbox account to share files and collaborate.  This has triggered investigations and accusations centered around what information has been shared and who has access to the account.  The concern is that data may have been shielded from public view as well as the possibility that lobbyists may have been able to access the information and perhaps even influence decisions via a means that is not easily monitored and audited.

By using a rogue file sharing account where security and user/device permissions are not controlled by IT they have invited this criticism.  Who really knows what documents existed in this Dropbox instance and who had access to them?  Were these public documents and, if so, were any of these documents deleted?  The issue is about transparency as it relates to the government and their handling of information.  This all sounds like something from an episode of House of Cards.  Whether or not they were intentionally restricting access to public documents and/or doing anything improper with this rogue account remains to be seen.  For now it is all about public perception.