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Seattle Cancer Care Decreases Fax Line Costs with Enterprise Fax

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) is an award-winning cancer treatment center, representing a collaboration between the nation’s top doctors, researchers, and specialists from the teams at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and University of Washington School of Medicine. Together, this group offers more options for cancer care than any other organization in the world. 

With such a robust team across three locations, SCCA relies heavily on fax communication in order to deliver critical documents, including patient medical records and lab results.  Unfortunately, SCCA’s old fax solution was highly-manual and error-prone, resulting in wasted time, lost faxes, internal frustration, and delayed patient care. Furthermore, there was a growing concern that unsecured paper faxes could violate patient privacy requirements required by HIPAA. 

The Challenges 

SCCA sends and receives an average of 10,000 faxes every month that can be as large as 800 pages. With over 180 analog lines across all locations and a +20% error -rate, SCCA often found that faxes containing confidential patient information were being lost or misfiled.  This was due, in large part, to the method by which medical records were processed. Traditionally, a medical record would be faxed to the appropriate department where staff would retrieve the fax from the machine, scan it into electronic form, and file it in the appropriate location. This highly-manual process resulted in the staff spending over 16 hours per day managing incoming and outgoing faxes. 

Beyond wasted time and lost faxes, the operation of more than 180 analog lines was expensive costing over $5,000 per year. Furthermore, there was the cost of maintenance, toner replacement, and paper – which they were buying at a rate of 45 cases per week. 

With faxes monopolizing time and resources, the SCCA team’s attention was often taken away from providing the acclaimed care their patients needed. If that wasn’t enough, their existing fax solution put their HIPAA compliance at risk. As the issues compounded, it became clear that SCCA’s old fax solution was not meeting their needs.

The Solution

Realizing that they needed a new fax solution, SCCA researched nearly half a dozen potential vendors.  Upon narrowing the comparison down to two companies, SCCA underwent a full evaluation of each solution.  SCCA selected Biscom for its superior functionality and ease-of-use while still meeting their budgetary requirements. 

“There were three factors that came into play when making our final decision to hire a new fax provider,” explained Sandi Clark, Telephony Engineer at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. “First, we needed a platform with consistently high send/receive success rates. Second, it should be intuitive and easy for the end-user. And third, it must seamlessly support our IT teams. After we tested all the solutions, we realized FAXCOM was all of those things and more.” 

The FAXCOM enterprise fax solution for SCCA not only provided the performance, ease-of-use, and data protection required, but also implemented Biscom’s Advanced Fax Routing that automated their business processes. Since the initial implementation, Biscom has reduced the time it took to manually scan, file, and send medical records by over 60% resulting in saving a staggering 65 person-weeks a year! 

According to Sandi Clark at SCCA, ”with FAXCOM’s automation, we have saved an enormous amount of time and money by not having to manually scan and file paper faxes and our paper consumption has dropped by 66%.” 


Deploying FAXCOM resolved SCCA’s plaguing fax issues and also presented a compelling ROI that paid for the solution well within the year.  With the change, SCCA is saving a minimum of $200,000 per year—$100,000 in staff savings due to automation, $40,000 in paper savings, and $60,000 in analog line costs. Also, by moving away from paper faxes, SCCA significantly reduced the potential for misplaced or lost patient documents – further minimizing the risk of HIPAA violations.  In fact, the solution has been so well received at SCCA that other groups have moved to the FAXCOM solution including clinical, HIM, purchasing, IT, and physicians. 

Biscom’s fax automation solution has provided SCCA with a secure fax solution that enables digital automation and filing, provides a scalable solution for the volume of faxes transmitted, and greatly reduces cost and time – thus presenting more opportunities to do what they do best: providing the best treatment to patients suffering from cancer. 

  • Error-prone fax-to-file process 
  • 20%+ error rate with previous vendor 
  • 180 fax lines, maintenance, and paper were a large and growing expense 
  • Previous solution risked HIPAA violations 
  • FAXCOM Enterprise Fax Solution 
  • FAXCOM’s workflow automated processes saving a significant amount of time 
  • $200,000 savings per year: $100,000 on staff, $40,000 on paper, and $60,000 on telephony 
  •  Reduced error rate to <1% while increasing capacity five-fold 
  • End-to-end encryption supports HIPAA compliance 


With FAXCOM’s automation, we saved an enormous amount of time and money by not having to manually scan and file paper faxes.

Sandi Clark

Telephony Engineer, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance


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