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Biscom’s solutions for HP JetAdvantage MFPs

Faxing, file sharing, and sending color radiology and lab reports has never been easier with the integration of Biscom’s products on HP JetAdvantage devices.

When you use Biscom Enterprise Fax you can securely scan, fax, and view documents directly from the HP MFP.

With Biscom Secure File Transfer (SFT) the transferred documents are securely uploaded to an on-premises or cloud Biscom SFT server where the documents are encrypted at rest. The recipient receives an email notification of the delivery with a link to access the delivery and download the documents. In 3 simple steps you can send files from the HP device with confidence knowing your transmission is secure, supporting HIPAA compliance.

Biscom’s newest fax technology, Biscom Digital Fax, enables users to send and receive high resolution and color documents over the internet at high speeds without the need for color fax machines or phone lines. The Digital Fax App delivers scanned documents that require higher resolution than standard faxes.

Biscom's Enterprise Fax for HP MFPs

Secure File Transfer for HP MFPs

Biscom's Digital Fax for HP MFPs