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What Happens When You Get 1,500 Legal IT Professionals in One Room? And how can Biscom support your business needs?

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas –especially when it involves more than 1,500 legal IT professionals discussing best practices and hot trends during ILTA 2013 (#ILTA13).

This is Biscom’s fourth year exhibiting at ILTA and no matter what discussions bubble up on the exhibit floor or what problems legal firms are facing, they are searching for technology that can not only solve a critical challenge but do it easily for both attorneys, firms, security and clearlly you = the IT department.

Because you are a legal entity, security is always a leading concern for IT professionals regardless if it’s faxing, secure file transfer or BYOD. Lawyers are resourceful individuals and if they are facing a problem (for example file transfer) and don’t have a solution for it, they will find one – even if it is not one approved by IT. This means that important, privileged documents or files can be compromised or that a door is left open for hackers or breaches.

If you’ve considered replacing your FTP, have been concerned about security, discussed document management and need a solution – please check us out at Booth 133.

Here’s how Charlie Magliato, our legal program director, explains it.

VIDEO: What’s the big deal with legal security? A LOT!

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Will you be at ILTA? Are you a Security Superstar?

If so, visit Biscom at booth #133 to take the Biscom Security Challenge. In two minutes, you’ll discover how easy it is for you and attorneys to protect document exchanges from security threats such as data breaches or hackers.  You’ll be rewarded with a free Security Superstar t-shirt that shows off your security heroism.

You can also take the challenge online today and pick up your t-shirt at the event:

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