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Industries like healthcare and financial services are held to strict government regulations when it comes to keeping sensitive information secure. The protocols to keep this information private are usually overseen and managed by IT and can be fraught with overly complicated solutions for sending and receiving documents containing personal information. If an easy to use solution is not provided, people will use a consumer tool. On the other hand, you may get those who will struggle with the provided tools in order to adhere to the company security policies but needing more assistance to make the solutions work properly. These end users (your employees) are the ones who are really putting the extra strain on IT resources when it comes to sending information securely not to mention those who use shadow IT which is unmanaged and putting the organization at risk of a breach.

According to the Ponemon 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study, 25% of breaches were caused by negligent employees or contractors. While not surprising, it is an area of concern. It’s not only IT’s job to keep the company’s security posture in mind but should be front and center for each employee as well. Bill Ho, CEO of Biscom explains how the Board of Directors of a company also need to be versed in cybersecurity threats and ways to mitigate them. Increasing awareness and knowledge about potential threats can greatly reduce the incidence of accidental breaches. Don’t be a victim!

Cost of Data Breach

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